The dangerous case of Dr. Bandy Lee

So who is Dr. Bandy Lee who suffers from an extreme case of “Orange Man” derangement syndrome? And more importantly, why should anyone listen to her ramblings?  Typical of so many suffering from Veruca Salt rage (American Thinker, September 21, 2020, Explaining the Narcissistic Rage of the Left), Lee seems incapable of accepting that her candidate lost the 2016 presidential election. Would she term this “Malignant Narcissistic rage?” Dr. Lee is a Yale School of Medicine forensic psychiatrist.  Her “armchair” diagnosis of Donald J. Trump, whom she has never personally evaluated, not only undercuts her profession but reveals herself as being guilty of what she is accusing; her rhetoric is dangerous. Dr.  Lee seems intent on presenting herself as “respectable” while at the same time, teetering on malpractice.  To begin with, Lee never identifies herself as a far-left political activist and part of a cesspool of...(Read Full Post)
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