The obvious fact everyone is overlooking about the Portland riots

It's a truism in life that, sometimes, it's the most obvious thing that you manage to overlook.  One time, late at night in college, I could not find a pencil that I'd just had.  I picked up books, moved papers.  Checked the floor.  Nothing.  It wasn't until I went to lift my typewriter off the desk and put the pencil in my hand into my mouth so I could use both hands that I suddenly realized that the pencil had been in my hand the whole time. When it comes to the riots in Portland, there's an obvious fact that the media are overlooking: the protesters don't have to be protesting where they are — in front of the Federal Building. There are no restrictions in Portland on locations of protests.  They can go anywhere in the city to protest.  There are plenty of parks — over 10,000 acres of them.  There are plenty of other city blocks.  There are 145.09...(Read Full Post)
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