'Socialism or Death' a grim reality for Venezuela's military pilots

David Paulin
Hugo Chávez arrived Wednesday morning in Cuba for more cancer treatments just one day after the fiery crash of one of Venezuela's Chinese-built military jets during a flying exhibition -- raising questions about the state of military and civil aviation under President Chávez's socialist rule.   The pilots safely ejected. But minutes later, a French-built Cougar helicopter that picked them up also went down, according to media reports. There apparently were no injuries in the second crash. And last Thursday, two aging American-built OV-10 Broncos collided while practicing for the flying exhibition, leaving one pilot dead. The Bronco is a twin-engine light attack airplane.   The pilots of the Chinese-built K-8, a training and light attack jet, were putting on a display to celebrate 92 years of military aviation at Libertador Air Base in the north-central state of Aragua. The footage captured by news cameras and posted on YouTube shows the pilots...(Read Full Post)