Did Obama Cut a Faustian Deal with Morsi?

Richard Butrick
What did Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi get  in return for supporting the cease fire? The idea that Morsi, a strong supporter of Hamas, just went along with the Obama program out of conviction that the Obama team had the compelling case strikes me as na├»ve. There had to be  bargain of some sort. Obama wants something from Morsi and Morsi gets nothing in return? I see one possible alternative that Morsi agreed to support Obam's current policy in return for Obama's support of Morsi's future policy in Egypt, and back Egypt as a power broker in the Middle East. The crux of  a Faustian deal is bargaining away the future for present gain - selling one's soul (the future) for worldly (present) success. For the Obama administration this became support our policy now in the conflict between Israel and Hamas and we'll support ($$) your policy in the future? Here is Secretary of State Clinton last Wednesday at a Cairo press conference praising the first part of the...(Read Full Post)