RINOs Threatening to Subvert Maryland's Most Conservative County

Three years ago, five newly elected commissioners in Carroll County, Maryland set precedent by taking a bold stand against Agenda 21 in this dark blue state.  They abolished the county “Office of Sustainability” and began extricating Agenda 21 planning concepts from the county master plan.  They were also the first governmental organization to revoke membership in the U.N.’s International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) – the vehicle through which Agenda 21 is injected into local planning without our knowledge or consent.  The commissioners’ leadership set an example that many local governments ultimately followed.  In 2011, ICLEI boasted 600 U.S. local governments as members.  Today there are 450, a decline of 25%.  Nine states have now considered or enacted laws against Agenda 21.  Once an obscure issue, it is now widely recognized for the Trojan Horse it is. The board accomplished many firsts,...(Read Full Article)